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Water Yoga For Everyone

Peace, Calm, Balance and Healing in the Warm Pool

Do you know what Water Yoga is?

Many people experience yoga poses on land, and envision the pool solely as a place to perfect strokes while lap swimming, or for women in sunhats with foam dumbbells and colorful noodles, with jazzy music rocking in the background, to gather each week for cardio exercise.

Thermo-neutral or warm water pools offer so much more from a therapeutic perspective and is healing for everyone of all ages and abilities. The water supports your body, adds resistance, and pleasantly changes your relationship with gravity. Every movement becomes light, uplifting, slow and completely unlike land workouts.

The water lulls you into a natural meditative state and allows your body more flexibility in the pool. It is much easier on your joints and calming, yet challenges your balance due to the movement of the water. No swimming experience is necessary to practice water yoga.

Traditional yoga poses, like Downward Dog, are modified so there is no need to put your head underwater. Some poses are done supported by the wall, while others are performed standing in the middle of water using slow arm movements and various leg positions on the pool floor.

Aquatic yoga is effective in soothing stress and physical, emotional, mental and energy imbalances. Elderly, injured or disabled persons find peace and strength in the water.

Poses can be personalized, adapted and modified according to one's needs and abilities.

Work can be done on a step or chair, if needed.

Infants and very young children naturally take to the water. Their muscle memory patterns from in the womb are remembered on a cellular level. They deeply bond with their parent in coupled water yoga poses. Often, this type of water yoga calms restlessness, colic, indigestion and hyperactivity.

In groups, water yoga has an amazing ability to magnify love and heal our universe. There is nothing more beautiful than community coming together with the intent of radiating positive energy in simple, synchronized, rippling slow movements.

Sometimes, I play music designed to repair DNA, or I practice to the silence of the waves to cue breathing patterns and heal the body. There are times when I use props or floating devices, but overall, this is a unique opportunity to discover your own personal wellness journey with water.

I invite you to try gentle water yoga poses with me. Find out for yourself just how powerful this practice can be.

TherapyAqua... Making Waves for Healing

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