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This is Why I Live in Arizona!

We have a few chilly days in Tucson from November through February, but outdoor swimming and water exercise is possible 365 days. With proper layering you can enjoy water fitness in comfort.

Swimming Outside in Autumn and Winter in my Cressi Wet-Suit

Winter Water Wear at The Dive Shop

We are fortunate to have one of the best places to go for equipment in Tucson. The Dive Shop truly has everything you need to manage swimming in chilly open water or swimming pools. You can purchase protective rash-guards, Sharkskin jackets, wet-suits, neoprene gloves, socks and hoods. They carry a very nice inventory of swim fins, goggles and snorkels in sporty colors and styles.

This small, friendly business is locally owned and carries many specialty supplies for diving, offers classes and travel to amazing destinations for every water lover. Click their link to find out more and support them.

Water Running for Exercise

Did you know that water running for fitness and endurance can burn 11.5 calories per minute?

It might not feel as intense as running on land, but it requires a lot of energy. Water running or jogging is usually performed in a deep swimming pool. Your movements are similar to running on land and you can exercise by jogging the length or the width of the pool. This low-impact exercise increases oxygen consumption and heart rate without placing strain and weight on your joints.

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