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Ai Chi at Santa Rita Springs

Updated: May 23, 2019

February 1 - July 26th, 2019

Fridays from 12:45 -2:15pm

Santa Rita Springs

2301 N. Santa Rita Avenue

Tucson, AZ 85719

Near Grant Road & Mountain Avenue

Ai Chi has elements of Qi Gong and Tai Chi. The purpose is to balance energy by stretching meridians, controlling breath and balancing Yin and Yang energies in shoulder-deep warm water.

TherapyAqua Group at Santa Rita Springs

Preregister at 520-245-2343 or by Appointment Only

This group is for clients in need of warm pool activity and independent aquatic therapy exercise on a regular ongoing basis. The warm water buoyancy offers a stress-free environment to heal, stretch and maintain or build muscle tone. Great for those challenged with chronic conditions, for some pre and post operative patients, sports injury, arthritis and more. 90 minutes.

Space is Limited to 6 People. 7 Day Advance Sign-Up is Necessary. Please Email to Register.

Making Waves for Healing

TherapyAqua is "Making Waves for Healing" in Water:

  • Individual Hydrotherapy

  • Warm Water Small Groups

  • Pool-based Aquatic Exercise Programs

"Making Waves for Healing" is our official TherapyAqua slogan and mantra.

Custom design shirts and other unique items will be available soon.

The Main Purposes are:

  • To Help Offset Operating Expenses

  • To Make Adaptive Aquatic Therapy Toys and Floats

  • To Offer Charitable Donations to Nonprofit Groups

View List at TherapyAqua GivingFeathers

Hashtag for TherapyAqua

Love to #therapyaqua?

Good news...! You will find tags throughout these posts... Use them to search through content on this blog... Find the information that matters to you most... Go ahead and hashtag away!

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